Religion is such a touchy subject but a coworker of mine asked me one day what my views were. I replied I have no views or religion but I give my all respect to everybody and I actually study all religions.” She replies, “You are such a sweet person and I wish you would allow God into your life because if not you are going to hell.” I replied “Well, I’m sorry you feel that way but I don’t believe in a place called hell so I can’t go there, but I understand” and she constantly kept telling me “You’re a good person but you’re going to go to hell.” She always asks me if I have accepted God yet so I don’t go to hell. I think that was a little contradicting Not only that but a bit rude she kept telling me I’m going to hell (in her views hell is a place for bad people…but she says I am such a good person) …… Views? I’m studying Islam/Muslims and how they def do not believe in recruiting people to their religion. How can someone try so hard to make me believe what they do?